An Automated Solution Built
to Enhance Loan Execution

A Better Way

Correspondent One is committed to providing a single source, end-to-end, automated platform that gives members a simple process to aggregate and sell loans for better execution.

A Collaborative Effort

Harness the origination power of the cooperative and the industry expertise of our operations team to make loan selling seamless and efficient.

A Technology Platform

Through process automation, optimized execution, and loan aggregation, improve efficiency, decrease administrative workload, and increase profits.

Why Sell to Correspondent One?

  • Simplify the loan process from lock through delivery.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs.
  • Automate the delivery of data and documents.
  • Manage the pipeline with real-time status and enhanced visibility.
  • Share execution enhancements through aggregation.
  • Potential ownership in Correspondent One.
  • Reduced Rep and warrant risk for sellers.
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