In order to become an approved seller to Correspondent One, you must join the Lenders One Network. Lenders One mortgage cooperative is a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers managed by Altisource. The cooperative was designed to give mortgage bankers the edge needed to keep up in today’s highly competitive market.

Lenders One Member Benefits

  • Stay ahead of the industry with networking and learning events throughout the year.
  • Optimize your business for success by utilizing our technology platforms and resources for identifying top notch talent.
  • Leverage the collective insights of our 200+ members.
  • Build strategic relationships with our 50+ preferred providers.
  • Share in the 100M+ in dividends paid to investors.

Correspondent One Seller Benefits

  • Simplify the loan process from lock through delivery.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs.
  • Automate the delivery of data and documents.
  • Manage the pipeline with real-time status and enhanced visibility.
  • Share execution enhancements through aggregation.
  • Potential ownership in Correspondent One.
  • Reduced Rep and warrant risk for sellers.
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